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Find the Job that Brings Out the Best in You

Find the right fit by finding a job that brings out the best in you. Job search is a lot like dating - the more work you do at the front end to understand both yourself and your fit in the marketplace, the better the opportunities that will come your way.

Why You Need to Know What You Are (And How to Find Out)

I had a very gratifying moment with a client the other day. He’s been out of work for a long time—about 9 months—and has been struggling with transitioning from his original career in journalism to something more secure and lucrative for the long term. After months of applying blindly to advertised jobs and hearing nothing back, he had called me, defeated. Our process included picking apart his experience for clues and focusing on the things he could do to make himself more marketable.…

Inspiring Career Change

Do you have a well-honed, transferable skill? Are you having trouble figuring out how to apply that skill to jobs other than the one you have? This is a common problem, especially for those with a lot of experience. This past weekend’s New York Times featured a story I found to be hopeful and illustrative of the way in which successful career change really happens. And it told the story of a writer, in a profession that has diminished in market value as it’s become harder and harder to get paid to write.…

The Tough Case for Law School

Back in May, the New York Times wrote an article slamming law school and the profession in general. In part to contain the backlash and encourage students to go to law school, last week Stratus Prep and co-hosted a panel discussion at NYU Law School to talk about law as a career, how to choose and be admitted to the law school or your choice, and what you can do with a law degree other than work for a big law firm.…