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Want a Summer Internship? Here are the 6 Things You Need to Know

So you’re a college student and while you really want a summer internship, you either haven’t gotten around to working on it or have made some inroads but given up. The good news is there are still plenty of internships available if you’re willing to apply yourself to the task. You should know that the most competitive, structured and paid internships are mostly gone by now. And because of the regulations around paying interns, some big companies have abandoned their internship programs, so there may be fewer paid internships available.…

How a 2016 College Grad with No Experience or Connections Got His Dream Job in 6 Months

Happy 2017! I don’t know about you, but I find the onslaught of tips for committing to New Year’s resolutions anxiety-producing. Personally I prefer – and find more effective –making incremental and realistic changes as I feel inspired – by a book, a talk, a client…or a thought in the shower. Then I’m able to plan for that change in a specific and habit-forming way, propelled by positive energy. But everyone’s different.…

Summer Internship Not Working Out? Here’s What to Do

It’s mid-summer and you’re in the midst of a coveted internship, following an intense and competitive interviewing period. When you were hired, you and your parents were thrilled. But it’s not working out. This summer, many seemingly promising internships will instead end up being boring, repetitive and unfulfilling. And they may not even be paid – even with all the attention on what constitutes a legal internship and how unpaid internships favor the privileged.…

5 Ways to Develop Yourself as a Leader Early in Your Career

Leadership is one of those terms that is so ubiquitous it’s hard to define.

Colleges Make It Pay for Students to Take Unpaid Internships

Did you know that your school may offer grants for those students taking unpaid internships this summer?

How College Students Can Make the Most of Winter Break

Use your winter break from college wisely--it's a great time to plan your career.

Get That Summer Internship (Or Job) Now!

You know how important it is to have internships during your college years. And if you haven’t already lined something up, there is still a bit of time—provided you’re not completely consumed with studying for finals at the expense of conducting a search! If you do these three things, at the very least, you’ll give yourself a fighting chance to land an internship. Link your interest to a field.…

Finding Your Career Should Be Messy

I’m helping my son, a college sophomore, find a summer internship. I’ve mentioned before in these pages that I find college sophomores to be ideal clients. For one thing, they’re over the shock of the newness of college. With established friendships and some newfound maturity, life at school is a bit more predictable. They’ve had the benefit of a year’s worth of classes that hopefully provided a window into some new subject areas.…