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Want More Interviews? Build Your Career Brand in 4 Steps

So you want a job that pays you to do your best work. You want to be appreciated for your experience, your special abilities and your creativity. You want to work for an organization that aligns with your personal values, a place you can feel proud to call home. Sounds reasonable, right? It is — but you have to do a bit of work. You have to articulate your career brand.…

Best Posts of the Week for Job-Seekers: 9.30.13

Each week I’ll feature three posts offering particularly good counsel for those early in their careers. Send along your favorites for consideration. For the week of September 30th: Some of the best tips I’ve read for recent grads, (but really for anyone) from Don Fornes,  founder of Software Advice: Nine Job-Seeking Tips for College Graduates Business communication coach Nancy Ancowitz talks about how listening well and being comfortable with being quiet can help you in your career: Listen Your Way Up the Ladder Dan Schawbel, personal branding expert and author of the new book Promote Yourself, talks about how every job involves selling and provides good tips on branding and self-promotion: Success Is Determined by Your Ability to Sell Yourself            …