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Keeping Your Career Healthy in a Sick Economy

Today’s New York Times features a piece called “Staying Healthy in a Sick Economy”. It caught my attention. This particular article talked about staying fit, a particular obsession of mine, but it got me thinking about other wellness issues that can crop up during times of stress. One of the reasons I became a career advisor is I strongly believe we all need other people to help guide us and boost us on a regular basis.…

Tips for Job Seekers

I am consulting with an organization called Nexxt Phase, for women in career transition. We are in the process of redefining the vision of the group and determining ways we can help women achieve their career goals. We put together a list of tips for job-seekers, with special focus on women returning the workforce. I thought I’d share them here. • Your career effort should be a PUSH, not a PULL.…