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Anxiety and Your Job Search: Getting the Treatment You Need

A client of mine, an engineer with a PhD from a top school, had an easy time getting interviews. But during every meeting he became nervous and hesitant, stuttering and sweating as he was asked to respond to the most basic interview questions. Another client, highly intelligent, articulate and charming with many interests and good work experience for her age, didn’t feel worthy of the jobs she interviewed for. Each time she met with a hiring manager she spent most of the time nervously apologizing for the 20% of the job’s requirements she lacked instead of focusing on the directly related experience she did have.…

Why Getting Nervous Makes You Happier

You’ve been asked to make a presentation at work, or you’re a consultant who delivers speeches and workshops to generate interest in your work. You have some time to prepare—and you’re anxious. Depending on how you regard public speaking, you may be extremely nervous. And probably a bit excited, too. How can you best use your anxiety to your advantage? You may not realize that having some anxiety in your work is actually a good thing.…