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Resumes and the Education Dilemma

I frequently see resumes that lack specific educational data. Some people state the institution and type of degree without the date of graduation–a sign they think they’re old. Others list the institution without the type of degree–a red flag since it looks like they didn’t graduate. And maybe they didn’t.

Being old or failing to graduate are not things you can really hide. They are simply facts about you, and the clearer you are on your resume, the fewer questions you’ll have to answer later, assuming you get the chance. Always list dates, even if it’s simply to say that you expect to receive your degree in a certain year. Be as specific as you can. Employers will thank you and, more importantly, they’ll take your resume more seriously.

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  1. Pennikins says:

    This blog entry comes to me just in time! I just sent out a batch of resumes and was thinking to myself that maybe I should have taken off the date of the schools I attended, now that it is almost 13 years since I graduated from law school. Thanks so much for the advice on this point. I’ll definitely keep those dates on now, now matter how old it makes me feel!

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