How We’ll Work Together

If you are mid-career:

Unlike most career practitioners, I’m a marketer first and my process is about positioning you for success in your particular market.

Using a process I call MarketYou, I guide executives at all stages of their careers to uncover their brand—the essence of what they do best and the ideal roles and organizations that would benefit from hiring them. I work with them to promote their brand as a foundation for job search, career change and advancement, leadership development and entrepreneurship.

Once we’ve identified a client’s value proposition and target audience, we develop a marketing plan for packaging and promoting them in all the right channels.  This includes improving their networking strategy, both through social media and in person, and  refining their marketing materials, including their resume, bio and LinkedIn profile.

We then take them to market, whether that means helping them find the right roles and organizations to get them hired, empowering them to pursue leadership positions within their current company or, if they are entrepreneurs, working with them to establish their product or service in the market.

If you are starting out:

Depending on your age and experience, there are a number of different ways in which we might work.

If you’re still in high school, we will spend a lot of time discussing your strengths and interests and what kinds of next steps to take to deepen your knowledge of potential fields.

If you’re in or graduating from college, we’ll be able to discuss how previous internships and work experience have given you a sense of various career paths and how to proceed.

If you’re a recent college graduate, depending on where you are in your career, we’ll work to develop your ideal role and organizations and I’ll help you land your next job.

The takeaway from this? You will have an understanding of how your strengths and interests fit within specific career paths, the kinds of experiences that will amplify whether these career paths are a good fit for you, and a plan for how to apply this learning to an internship or job search. If you’re ready, I will help you find that internship or position.

A Note to Parents:

If you’re the parent of a Millennial, you know how challenging it is to help your child in his personal quest: to find himself, his interests, his right school and a career that fits. And if he’s not feeling ready to undertake the career discovery process yet, you are probably struggling with how to motivate him to do so. That’s where I come in.

A question I’m often asked by parents is: How do you inspire a high school or college student to get excited about long-term planning now? There is so much pressure on them to do things both immediately and outstandlingly, it seems there’s little time to focus on the future.

There are four vulnerable points in the life of a student when planning is of the utmost importance:

  • Junior Year in High School: For those on a college track, this is when applying to college becomes a reality and personal reflection and planning is needed for college applications.
  • Sophomore Year in College: This is the moment when a student needs to declare a major, regardless of how many times he’s changed his mind.
  • Junior Year until College Graduation: The focus is on defining a career plan and finding a good job.
  • Three Years Post-graduation (approximately): Now working, the young adult must assess whether he’s in the right career and whether he should go to grad school.

Your child needs your help and support always, but arguably more than ever during these transitional periods. The trick is to grab and maintain his attention at these critical points through the right conversations and due diligence. I can help you do that.

How I Work
If your child is still in school, or is a recent college grad, let’s have a short call so I can understand the situation and share how I would work with your child. I will then want to have a call with your child, to make sure the chemistry is right.

I’m looking to determine whether your child is motivated to work hard and will approach  assignments with enthusiasm and humility, and that you will trust the process and me. I am undertaking an autonomous, confidential relationship with your child, so please understand that I don’t give progress reports. I do have a direct style and strong opinions, and if that’s not your thing (or your child’s), I may not be the right fit. That’s why I always like to have a frank discussion before we start an engagement.

Our first meeting is a 2-hour interview format, where I probe to understand the trajectory of a client’s life, aptitudes, key relationships and personality traits.

Additional meetings will dissect coursework, internships, paying jobs and activities s/he chooses to pursue in his spare time.

I will bring in some standardized assessment tools to confirm we are on the right track and identify any missed ideas. I am Myers-Briggs certified. Depending on where they are on the school to work trajectory, our findings may lead to new coursework, internships or a first job.

The younger the client, the more spread out the meetings, since the cycle of school to internship to work is a long one. Clients engage me in a variety of ways, including long-term school to career planning, intensive career identification and job search and internship research and opportunity development.