In the Driver's Seat

How can we help young adults succeed today? Higher education? Graduating from college provides no guarantee. Following your ‘passion’? By the time they graduate, the  majority of young adults have yet to define their real interests and most have little idea of what they want in a career. In the U.S. but also in most other countries, we have not yet succeeded in providing a proper bridge between school and work to prevent millennials from floundering once they’ve left school.

In The Driver’s Seat is a program for millennials  starting as early as late high school and as late as senior year of college. I’ve created a systematic process guiding students to combine myriad opportunities for focused experimentation, further education and research so that by the time they graduate from college, they have at least a list of finalist fields, roles and organizations that not only meet their particular criteria, but more importantly give them the highest probability of a successful career.

In my research with millennials over the past eight years and my experience as a career advisor, I have found that those on successful career paths by approximately age 28 share one thing: they started experimenting with potential interests beginning in high school and early college years. On the other hand, those who focused on school to the exclusion of outside activities were largely unresolved in their careers at the same age.

With so much attention placed on the college admissions process, there is very little training focused on helping young people make the connection between their interests, school and long-term work. Students need a roadmap driving them to identify strengths and interests, and find valuable experiences to increase self-awareness and connect school and work in a more structured fashion.

Confused about how your interests can lead to a career? I can help guide you in investigating various fields and help you match what you like to do with possible career choices.