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Make the Holiday Break Count: College to Career Checklist

Whether you’re a college freshman or a junior, the holiday break is an important time to start planning for your summer internship. Banks and consulting firms do their internship hiring in January and February, but even if you’re interested in non-profit, government, start-ups or something non-traditional, now’s the time to get started. Here’s how: Update your resume. But don’t do it in a vacuum. Buy a good resume book like Knock ‘Em Dead Resumes and be sure to have a few trusted friends and family members provide input.…

Five Things to Do in College to Set You Up for a Great Career

There is an argument raging in this country right now about whether it is the duty of colleges and universities to make young people job-ready. Traditionalists argue that colleges should teach students how to think and help them develop a strong knowledge base, and that career preparation is the purview of career centers and employers. Many others, including President Obama, feel that colleges should take more responsibility for their graduates’ ability to get jobs.…

Best Posts of the Week for Job-Seekers: October 28th

  Each week I’ll feature three posts offering particularly good counsel for those early in their careers. Send along your favorites for consideration. For the week of October 28th: This easy to read and follow infographic has some of the best information I’ve seen on how to maximize your visibility—and success—on LinkedIn: 17 Must-Haves for Your LinkedIn Profile Great reminder from HootSuite CEO Ryan Holmes on how social media can help you find a job: 3 Ways Social Media Can Help You Land a Job (And Keep It) Did you know?…

Best Posts of the Week for Job-Seekers: October 14th

  Each week I’ll feature three posts offering particularly good counsel for those early in their careers. Send along your favorites for consideration. For the week of October 14th: Alex Dogliotti shares why you should be careful when using social media to court a particular employer: Don’t Fall into the Trap of a Social Media Based Job Hunt Deborah Jacobs offers a tough wake-up call to those starting their first jobs: To Thrive at Work 20 Year Olds Must Adjust their Attitude Kerry Jones shares great ideas on how to become an expert through your blog–a topic I love to address in my blog posts and workshops: How a Blog Can Turn You into an Industry Authority              …

How to Major in English and Still Get a Job

A recent opinion piece in the New York Times last weekend mourned the passing of the English major as an assured path to a job or graduate school. English was never a degree offering a specific career track. Twenty years ago and beyond, English majors from top liberal arts colleges were sought after in every profession. Today, as the debate about the value of the college degree rages on, schools are being expected to provide more vocational coursework and guidance to ensure the employability of their graduates.…

What Your Next Employer Wants

There’s a lot of confusion among recent college grads about how to acquire the skills employers deem necessary when the only way to get those skills is on the job. Going to college no longer guarantees you a well-paying job, and yet the ROI for a college degree is huge. “Since jobs are evolving so quickly, with so many new tools, a bachelor’s degree is no longer considered an adequate proxy by employers for your ability to do a particular job — and, therefore, be hired,” Tom Friedman contends.…

The Perils of Working From Home

Working from home has pros and cons, but for the recent college grad it's not a good option for many reasons.

Yes, Your Resume Needs a Summary!

Having a summary on your resume is a must-have for the marketing-savvy job-seeker. Here's why.

New Grads: Yes, You Can Get a Job!

It's a tough time for prospective college grads trying to find their first job. Read this for ideas on how to get some perspective.

Create Your Own Internship

With summer coming, here's how to be the Chief Operating Officer of your internship destiny.