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There’s No Such Thing as a Dream Job

Do you, or have you ever had, a “dream job”? Do you have any friends, former classmates or colleagues who describe their job as a dream? Do you believe them? Don’t get me wrong – I love when I see someone fulfilled in their work, successfully using their strengths in an environment where they feel appreciated and fulfilled, and getting paid appropriately to do it. But that’s no dream: behind that deep sense of satisfaction is someone who has ventured down the path of self-discovery, sometimes at real personal cost, and has matched his strengths and most important values with a need he is uniquely suited to fill.…

5 Ways to Develop Yourself as a Leader Early in Your Career

Leadership is one of those terms that is so ubiquitous it’s hard to define.

Why Recruiters Aren’t Returning Your Calls

There is a long-standing misconception among job seekers about recruiters – how they can help, how to engage them and, most often, why they’re not returning your calls. When I was head of marketing for the Association of Executive Search Consultants, we spent a lot of time explaining the difference between retained search consultants and contingency recruiters. To provide candidates with the opportunity to be “found” by search firms, the organization created a senior-level candidate site called, where candidates could pay a fee to list their credentials and search firms would consult the site to help fill their searches.…

Colleges Make It Pay for Students to Take Unpaid Internships

Did you know that your school may offer grants for those students taking unpaid internships this summer?

How College Students Can Make the Most of Winter Break

Use your winter break from college wisely--it's a great time to plan your career.

5 Ways to Market Yourself as a Leader

  Photograph by John Santerre 2010 Being a leader means knowing who you are and what you stand for—You’ve decided upon your mission and you have a vision for how to get there. It’s informed by your value system—what you care most about and what you feel is right. Developing yourself as a leader means declaring a need in the market that you are passionate about satisfying, what your role might be in meeting that need and the audience you want to serve.…

The Interest You Left Behind

We all have subjects that particularly interest us, that capture our attention. It could be a skill, a hobby or just a topic you follow very closely. Try taking note of the articles that attract you online or in the newspaper and you’ll have your answer. Have you incorporated that interest into the job you have today? As much as we are told, to use a trite term, to “follow our passion”, many times life leads us down a different path and we leave that interest behind.…

I Found My Career on Twitter

  A question I frequently hear from job-seekers at all stages is, “Why do I need to be on Twitter?” Twitter is a platform for interests of all kinds, and many users abuse its power by over-tweeting—so its value is sometimes misunderstood. But Twitter is an amazing career and job search tool, and can be used to help you pinpoint what you’re interested in and who can help you find the right job.…

6 Ways to Be a Standout Summer Intern

Getting a summer internship is the first step; here's how to make it count for your career.

Looking for a Job With Meaning? Here Are Four Ways to Find It

Are you a 20-something seeking work with meaning? Are you willing to trade great mentoring and a dynamic work environment for a lower salary? If that’s the case, you are trending with your generation. And while making less money is not to be treated lightly, research shows that people who feel personally fulfilled at work are happier than those who work exclusively for the money. But maybe you can have it both ways.…