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Gen Y’s Say: I’ll Take Mentoring Over Pay

Since I’m interviewing members of Generation Y for my new practice and book helping young adults connect school and work, I’m privy to all kinds of career-life constructs that makes this generation stand out from, say, the Baby Boomers.

To illustrate, one of my new contacts wrote a blog post suggesting that Gen Y’s will gladly take a pay cut in exchange for great mentoring, because they value the long-term career building opportunity over the short-term gain of more pay. I think that this point gets to the heart of what this generation really wants: great experience, great tutelage and the opportunity to have a “sponsor”–someone who can open key doors and really help build your career.

The older generations in the workplace who are currently managing Gen Y’s would be best served to listen to this advice. Mentoring doesn’t have to be haphazard and bewildering; mentors can be assigned, and done so thoughtfully, taking into account the needs of both parties. It’s all about using the intellectual capital that already exists in companies to its best advantage.

Need more ideas? I recommend Brazen Careerist, the career site for Gen Y’s.

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